Polysianes fluid SPF30 40ml complexion Enhancer

complexion Enhancer fluid providing beauty and protection for the skin.

Manufacturer: Polysianes

SKU: 9955226 polysaines SPF30 fluid 40 ml complexion Enhancer


Fluid Enhancer teint Polysianes combines safety and beauty. Indeed, its delicately tinted formula illuminates and unifies the complexion to the natural, while protecting the skin.

Thanks to the prodigious Mono de Tahiti, the skin is hydrated and nourished. Thus, it is preserved from drying out during exposure to the Sun.

Upon application, this fluid of a light, non-greasy texture illuminates all skin types and penetrates immediately.

Addition, this fluid is a delicious fragrance on the skin. Your skin is radiant and delicately scented while being protected.

Tips for using Polysianes fluid complexion Enhancer:

The complexion Enhancer fluid is to be applied before expose you to the Sun or daily after day cream. Directly apply the fluid on the face and neck. Frequently renew the application to maintain protection.