Polysianes cream of Mono jar 200ml

Cream of Mono to preserve the photoaging skin after exposure to the Sun.

Manufacturer: Polysianes

SKU: 5205014 Polysianes cream of Mono jar 200 ml


Polysianes offers solar treatments to Monoi oil to protect the skin from the Sun.

Polysianes cream of Monoi is a domestic care intended to preserve the photo aging skin after exposure to the Sun. In addition, it nourishes and regenerates the skin.

In addition, thanks to oil Monoi and Morinda, the skin is hydrated and satin. Thus, tanning is revealed, he is brilliant.

This cream is anti-aging, nutritional, regenerating and sublimatrice.

Polysianes cream of Mono operating tips:

Liberally apply the cream on the body after exposure to the Sun to moisturize and sublimate the skin.


This product has been tested in vitro on assets and tissue model on the end product i.