Plaster American Bernard 190x300mm

Adhesive elasticated fabric micro-perforations.

Manufacturer: Merck Monot



SKU: 7037035 plaster American Bernard 190x300mm

indications: adhesive elastic fabric micro-perforated. plaster Saint Bernard is imbued with 2 active substances of natural origin: capsicum, plant of the family of peppers, and the essence of clove. in application on the skin, capsicum extract is good heating properties and decongestant. Clove oil calms pain. the plaster Saint Bernard (adhesive elastic fabric micro-perforated) is traditionally used to improve comfort in case of sore back, muscle aches and joint pain, especially of origin. rhumastismale operating tips: cut the plaster if necessary depending on the extent and location of the painful area. Remove the protective leaves and apply the plaster on the painful area so that it adheres perfectly. Renew at the end of 24 hours if necessary. Composition: extract of capsicum 1.35 g, essence of clove 0.52 g, excipients including lanolin, Rosin, rubber qsp 100 g. deposited on an elastic support micro-perforated