Pimélia Mélange Pectoral (Pectoral Mixture) Gums 100g

SKU: 2945319


For over 50 years, Pimélia offers a wide selection of candies, pastilles, marshmallows, boiled sweets and caramels. These gums offer a gourmet moment at any time of the day. They leave a feeling of freshness.

Instructions for use:

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

Not suitable for young children.


Thickening agent (Gum arabic), Sugar, Glucose syrup, Inverted sugar syrup, Honey 2,68%, Liquorice juice 1,04%, Maltodextrin, Flavouring (Honey, Pine, Mint, Vanilla), Colours (Caramel). This product may contain traces of shelled fruits, eggs and wheat.


Pack size 100g, contains approximately 45 candies.