Pimélia Guimauves Candie Marshmallows 100g

SKU: 6367902


For over 50 years, Pimélia offers a wide selection of sweets for children and adults. This artisan confectionery produces a variety of candies, pastilles, marshmallows, boiled sweets and caramels made from natural extracts of fruits or plants. The Guimauves Candie marshmallows have a taste of orange blossom.

Instructions for use:

Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.

This product may contain traces of milk, egg, shelled fruits and wheat.

Not suitable for young children.


Thickening agent (Gum arabic), Sugar, Glucose syrup, Flavouring (Orange blossom), Egg whites.


Pack size 100g, contains approximately 30 candies.