Pimelea marshmallows gently melting 90g

Marshmallows with natural fruit and plant extracts Learn more
Manufacturer: Pimelia


SKU 7957238 Pimelea marshmallows gently melting 90g

definition :
Marshmallows Softness Fondante natural extracts of fruits and plants.

Ingrediants :
wheat glucose Syrup, sugar, trimolin, pork gelatin, modified starch, sorbitol syrup, natural flavors: orange, lemon, mandarin, violet, anise.
Dyes: E122 - 102-151-131-104
energy Value per 100 grams :
1480Kj - 354 Kcal
Carbohydrates: 82, 08 gr
Protein: 4, 70 gr
Fat: 0, 72 gr

packaging :
Bag 90 gr

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