Phytosun Aroms Sanitizer Kit discovery essential oils

Discovery box scented and purifying.
Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms


SKU 9021005 Phytosun Aroms Cabinet discovery essential oils cleansing


go to the discovery of essential oils with this gift box Phytosun Aroms. This package contains oils to the purifying virtues. The range of essential oils of Phytosun aroms laboratories were specifically selected for their effectiveness. 100% natural, recognized H.E.B.B.D (botanically and biochemically defined). Find a corner of nature scented you.

this box discovered contains:

  • Pin Sylvestre 5 ml essential oil

respiratory antiseptic, this oil is especially recommended in case of respiratory disease and winter pathology. Furthermore, this oil gives whiplash in the event of decline in form.


- physical Fatigue

- cramps and rheumatism

  • Essence of lemon yellow 10 ml

she complete the action of the Scots pine. Excellent antiseptic and antibacterial, intervenes in a beneficial way during winter diseases or infectious diseases affecting the respiratory tract.

  • complex breathing 10 ml

this complex is composed of a mixture of essential oil such as the essential oil of Rosemary and eucalyptus. it will help purify your home by avoiding frequent respiratory diseases in winter.

  • ceramic roller

it allows natural oils. This neutral support allows fragrant small spaces without altering its content benefits.

Tips for using discovery box oils essential Assainissant:

put a few drops on a neutral medium, for broadcast use seek advice from your pharmacist.

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