Phytosun Aroms Roll'On joints 50ml


SKU 5344603 Phytosun Aroms Roll'On joints


Phytosun Aroms specially formulated this roll' is based on essential oils for massage to relieve pain and muscle tension in the joints. This roll' can be used by by persons subject to a particular need at a time given or even by persons or for sports daily.

Pain is then reduced and allows to find flexibility, flexibility and comfort.

Small it can easily take in a small bag.


Apply on the affected area previously clean and dry and move by circular massages.

It is necessary to apply the Roll'On joints of Phytosyun Aroms 3 to 4 times per day for effective action.

It is possible to complete this treatment with a manual massage.


Once opened, the Roll'on joints must be used within 12 months.