Phytosun Aroms Essential Thyme Oil with Linalool 5ml


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Thymus vulgaris with linalool o.p. (flowers and stems).

Phytosun Aroms Essential Thyme Oil with Linalool is particularly recommended as a light anti-infective in broncho-pulmonary and ENT infections and is easier to use than thyme with thymol because it is neither hepato-toxic nor dermocaustic.

Immuno-stimulating, anti-cough and general fortifier, it is recommended in the case of th redevelopment of a cough and fatigue in children after infections.

This is also a good neurotonic and mental stimulant.

Recommended Use:

Orally: 1 to 2 drops by taken 3-5 times per day.
Direct skin application: 1 drop with 5 drops of vegetable oil (sinus, neck, top of back, belly).
Dissemination: Yes.

For ages 3 and over.

Complete formula:
Linalool, 4-terpineol, Cis thuyan-4-ol.

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