Phytosun Aroms oil essential savory perennial 5ml

SKU: 7233612 Phytosun Aroms savory perennial 5 ml

indications: anti-fungal. anti-bacterial, Anti-viral. . Anti-asthenique Satureja montana o.p. parties air flowers. Savory Phytosun Aroms essential oil is a particularly specific anti-infective powerful of intestinal infections and genital urinary. Recommended more generally in the case of acute infections, tonsillitis, gastrointestinal and genitourinary infections.

operating tips: oral: do not take (irritant) only. Combine 1 drop with 3 drops of essence of lemon yellow and take 2 drops of this blend 3 to 5 times a day. dermal: not. dissemination: Non.

from the age of 6.

formulation complete: Carvacrol, Bisabolene.