Phytosun Aroms oil essential Mint peppery Bio 5ml

Oil essential Phytosun BIO
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SKU 4547936 Phytosun Aroms Mint peppery Bio 5ml

Mentha piperita
o.p. aerial parts
s.b. menthol, menthone (iso)

origin: United Kingdom, France

1 / potential use: Drainage of blood and the emunctories (adults) toxins
1 drop Peppermint + 1 drop of Rosemary 1.8 + 2 drops of lemon yellow, 2 drops of this mixture on a neutral Tablet 2 times daily in cure of 21 days per month.

2 / other possible use : Headaches (adults)
1 drop of peppermint + 1 drop of lavender aspic, 1 drop of this mixture in a local application on the painful area.

operating tips / safety precautions :

do not broadcast. Do not use in children under 7 years, or in pregnant or lactating women.

prior to use, ask your pharmacist.

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