Phytosun Aroms oil essential Lavender Aspic 10ml

analgesics, anesthetics, healing and antiseptic properties
Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms


SKU 9709929 Phytosun Aroms Lavender Aspic 10 ml

his identity
spike Lavender / Lavandula spica
Families: Lamiaceae
Origin: Spain
producer Body: Flowers
biochemical Specificity: 1, 8 cineole, linalool, camphor

Sound origin
the Lavandula spica or lavender aspic is part of the three species of wild and authentic lavenders in France. It grows mainly in the South but also in Spain, the Portugal or North Africa. Its leaves are quite large and have a strong camphor smell. Its pale violet bloom arranged in spikes appears towards the end of August, and harvesting is done in September. Essential oil is extracted from the stems topped with Lavender aspic flowers by water vapour distillation. This oil is mostly composed of linalool, camphor and eucalyptol (or 1, 8-cineole).

SES properties
Lavender spike lavender essential oil is particularly recommended to alleviate pain and inflammation related to bites or insect bites. It provides rapid relief. Its analgesic, anesthetic, healing and antiseptic qualities make it one of the most used oils in the urgent treatment of venomous bites, but also burns or sunburn. The effectiveness of this oil is due to the properties of its various components :
-camphor (between 14 and 15% of its composition) has antiseptic and slightly anaesthetic properties. It can also serve as a deterrent.
-the 1, 8 cineole (between 27 and 35%) relieves inflammation and pain due to its virtues soothing.

MODES of use recommended
Lavender spike lavender essential oil is mainly used for external use. Its high content in camphor the cannot due to his/her :
-in the child less than 7 years
-in the pregnant woman or nursing
-patients with convulsive history
oral: possible
dermal: possible
through the atmosphere: not to distribute the essential oil of lavender aspic

Attention the use of this essential oil cannot replace that of cortisone in the case of allergic shock in people allergic to bee stings wasps and Hornets.

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