Phytosun Aroms oil essential dill herb 15ml

Helps the digestive comfort.
Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms


SKU 4883781 Phytosun Aroms dill herb 15 ml


Anethum graveolens o.p. parties airlines flourished.
the essential oil of Dill Phytosun Aroms is best known as a stimulant and antispasmodic digestive and urinary tracts. It is particularly recommended for children who make seizures of acetone and liver weakness translates into a lack of appetite, nausea, fatigue, drowsiness and colds to repeat disorders, as well as for adults with hepatic or renal impairment.

operating tips:

Oral: 1 drop by taking 3-5 times per day.
Dermal: Not.
Dissemination: Non.

Caution: from 6 years old.

Formulation complete:
Phellandrene, Limonene, Epoxymenthene, d-carvone.

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