Phytosun Aroms Lotion lice and nits 60ml + comb

lotion lice and nits with comb to effectively eliminate the lice and nits.

Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms

SKU: 9021399 Phytosun Aroms Lotion lice and nits 60 ml + comb


The laboratory Phytosun Aroms develops products made from high quality, 100% pure and natural essential oils.

Lotion Anti lice and nits is a proprietary formula based oil of coconut and essential oils of anise and Ylang ylang to effectively eliminate the lice and nits in 15 minutes only.

No resistance is possible for lice and nits. Indeed, the lotion is by mechanical action which prevents the lice and nits to develop resistance. Ylang ylang oil helps calm the irritation of the scalp.

Addition, the comb was specially designed for efficient removal of nits thanks to its fine metal teeth.

Tips for using Phytosun Aroms Lotion Anti lice and nits:

Spray lotion on dry hair. Well massage to soak up all of the scalp and hair with the lotion. Then, allow 15 minutes.

Use your shampoo without first rinsing the hair. Make lather and then flush with water. It is recommended to use after shampoo.

Brush wet hair to remove the nodes. Then, combs her hair with the included in the lotion comb to remove dead lice and nits. rinse comb in soapy water.

renew the 9 to 10 days after the 1st application treatment.


for use on adults and children over 2 years.