Phytosun Aroms Habitat Relaxation 200ml Spray

SKU: 6449451 Phytosun Aroms Spray Habitat Relaxation 200Ml


The relaxation of laboratories Phytosun Aroms spray soothes and relaxes the atmosphere. This Phytosun Aroms spray is ideal in case of nervousness or intense stress period.

directions for use:

A spray into the atmosphere. 1 spray to the corners of the room several times per day. Do not swallow: if swallowed immediately seek a doctor and it show I' packaging or label. Do not breathe fumes immediately after spraying. Use only in a well ventilated place. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes: risk of sensitisation. Highly flammable: keep away from any open flame or sparks. Do not smoke during or just after the spraying of the product. Do not use in the presence of children under 3 years, or in pregnant or lactating women. Contains the (R) - P-Mentha-1, 8-Diene and Geraniol. Toxic to aquatic organisms, may cause adverse long-term I' aquatic environment. Keep out of reach of children. Do not dispose of residues to the sewer. Avoid release to the environment.


Eucalyptus expunged, Palma Rosa, lavender fine, red Mandarin, Ravintsara, Saro, Lavandin clone, frankincense Olibanum.


200 mL spray