Phytosun Aroms diffuser ultrasonic Mini

small ultrasonic with ambient light diffuser to spread the benefits of essential oils into the air.

Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms

SKU: 9021365 Phytosun Aroms diffuser ultrasonic Mini


The laboratory Phytosun Aroms presents the Diffuser ultrasonic, small size, with ambient light in order to take full advantage of the benefits of essential oils.

Indeed, whether to clean up the atmosphere, remove odors, create a mood tonic, relaxing and refreshing, this ultrasonic diffuser diffuse essential oils safely.

Team of a system by ultrasound, this diffuser allows dissemination of essential oils gently. The mist of water created through this system to increase ambient humidity. Water loads in aromatic molecules and disperses into fine droplets.

In addition, this diffuser has:

  • 2 neutral dissemination,

  • a system of automatic stop after 8 hours in slow release and after 4 hours fast, streaming

  • light atmosphere to change color or choose one (6 colors),

  • a usb socket and a mains socket.

, Your environment is healthy and sanitized.

Phytosun Aroms diffuser ultrasonic small operating tips:

  • place the diffuser on a flat surface.

  • remove the diffuser cover.

  • pour mineral water into the tank up to the maximum level indicated on the reservoir (98 ml).

  • Add 3 drops of essential oil in the tank.

  • close the diffuser cover.

  • connect the diffuser.