Phytosun Aroms diffuser Nomad Rose

nomadic diffuser rose essential oils to remove odors and create an invigorating ambience.

Manufacturer: Phytosun Aroms

SKU: 9021366 Phytosun Aroms diffuser Nomad Rose


Laboratory Phytosun Aroms offers the nomadic diffuser pink. It disseminates essential oils all smoothly by ultrasound. Thus, it removes odors and create a tonic and relaxing atmosphere.

With an ideal size and an interchangeable adapter USB and charger adapter, this nomadic ultrasonic diffuser wins everywhere.

In addition, it is equipped with a Timer allowing to select the interval of release.

Tips for using Phytosun Aroms diffuser Nomad Rose:

In confined places and in the presence of children, broadcast by 10 minute cycle, with an interval of 45 minutes.

  • remove the cover and remove the bottle.

  • unscrew the falcon and add essential oils with the provided pipette. Then screw the bottle on the head of dissemination.

  • maintain the clip towards the base, place the Assembly in the diffuser for good contacting the vial with the diffuser head.

  • choose the mode of dissemination through USB or with the cigarette lighter adapter.

  • press the button and choose its dissemination programme.

Suggests to turn off or unplug the diffuser after each use.


Read these instructions carefully before use.