Phytosun Aroms Bracelet repellent

SKU: 9021710 Phytosun arms Bracelet Anti-Moustiques


Repellent bracelet Phytosun Aroms adult is the ally of your swimming or outputs in the open air without pitting. This very discreet waterproof bracelet clings to the wrist or ankle, and repels mosquitoes through Geraniol, its main asset, of natural origin.

Mosquito repellent bracelet Phytosun Aroms protects the user 30 days and ensure effective common mosquitoes, Tiger mosquitoes and other biting insects. Dermatologically tested, this bracelet was specifically designed to avoid the direct contact of the product with the skin for optimal tolerance.

directions for use:

Clings to the wrist or ankle for 30 days.


Geraniol (case 106-24-1) 160 g/kg (TP19).


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