Phytosun Aroms AromaDoses urinary comfort 30 capsules


SKU 9501979 Phytosun Aroms AromaDoses comfort urinary 30 capsules

Aromadoses Comfort Urinary contains a complex of Essential Oils including the Essential Oil of Coriander, which helps with the comfort and the good functioning of the tract urinary.
Manufactured without preservatives, without gluten.

using advice:
take 2 capsules morning, midday and evening before the meal for 5 days.
renew if necessary.

< em > for people with urinary susceptibility :
1 capsule morning, noon and evening before the meal for 10 days, every quarter, to strengthen its defences.

-do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
-keep out of reach of children.
-do not use in pregnant or lactating women as well as children of less than 12 years.
-do not use in case of problems has the stomach.
-do not use patients epileptics.
-has avoid if known allergy to one of the components.

Formulation full:
Oil virgin organic sesame seeds, fish Gelatin, Essential Oils: Savory Vivace (Satureja montana, aerial parts), Thyme with Thymol (Thymus vulgaris, aerial parts flowering), Rosemary 1.8 Cineol (Rosmarinus Officinalis, Twigs), Coriander (Coriandrum sativum, seed), Humectant: glycerol, Water, Lecithin of Soya.

Box of 30 capsules

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