PhytoSpecific treatment Phytocroissance to capigen 50ml

SKU: 5371758 PhytoSpecific treatment Phytocroissance to capigen 50 ml

Properties: Phytocroissance treatment activates microcirculation, slows down the fall and stimulates the growth of hair. Effectiveness proven anti-hair loss reflects improved quick and sharp hair State. hair rapidly found its strength and its density of origin. uses boards: distribute the contents of a vial line by line on wet scalp. Massage lightly. Do not rinse. To optimize the results, it is recommended during the cure to avoid braids, weaves and extensions. in cure of shock: 3 months of treatment are necessary. 3 applications per week for the first month, followed by 2 applications per week the second month and 1 application per week the third month. in cure of maintenance: 1 or 2 applications per week for 2-3 months.