Phytorigin essential Spray cleansing and purifying 200ml

spray cleansing and purifying to expel odours in the atmosphere.

Manufacturer: Novodex

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SKU: 6330193 Phytorigin essential Spray cleansing and purifying 200ml


Phytorigin essential is a cleansing and purifying for air and surfaces spray.

This spray cleansing and purifying is developed from 32 based essential oil 100% pure and natural. These essential oils have been rigorously selected for their antiviral and anti-infectious properties.

Thus, this spray is ideal:

  • to sanitize the parts of life,

  • limit the sources of allergy,

  • air pollution or smog.

Addition, this spray has long efficacy against fungi, mites, bacteria and bad smells.

Your environment is purifying.

operating Phytorigin essential Spray Assainissant tips:

3-6 spray spray into the room to clean up several times per day.

Can also be used on carpets and other surfaces.


Without propellant gas, without perfume synthesis, without preservatives and colourings.

. Do not spray in the presence of a pregnant woman or a child.

Do not spray on the skin or mucous membranes.