Phytokratine Extreme Exception 200ml shampoo

Cleans with the greatest gentleness and provides repair and deep nutrition.

Manufacturer: Phyto

SKU: 2100050 Phytokratine Extrme Shampooing D'Exception 200Ml


The cleansing of sulfate-free vegetable base cleans with the greatest gentleness. Better protected and easy to unravel, hair is more resistant, soft and silky. They adorn themselves with an incomparable shine.

Repair of the material: plant keratin, composed of 18 biomimetic amino acids of the natural structure of hair, is injected into the fibre core to rebuild in depth material.

Lipid repair: the prodigious nutritional power of sapotier butter is associated with the precious oil of baobab for unique restorative performance.

directions for use:

Start shampoo with warm water to open the scales and leave time that the ingredients work. Rinse with cool water to close the scales and make shine hair.


Phytokratine Extreme products innovate by combining the power of plant keratin to those two precious assets for a double plant repair.


200 ml bottle