Phytokératine Extreme Exceptional Cream 100ml

This nourishing cream repairs damaged hair and reveals its beauty
Manufacturer: Phyto


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Phytokératine Extreme Exceptional Cream 100ml


This heat-protectant nourishing cream with multiple benefits repairs damaged hair and instantly reveals its beauty. It enhances, controls and illuminates hair.

Hair fibre repair: the botanical keratin, which consists of 18 amino acids with biomimetic properties that replicate natural keratin, is injected into the deepest layers of the hair shaft in order to fill in the gaps and rebuild the initial architecture of hair. 

Ultimate nutrition: the extraordinary nutritive power of Sapote butter along with the rare precious Baobab oil guarantees exceptional repair.

How to Use:

Daily touch-up: apply 2 to 4 pumps according to the thickness and length of your hair.

Daily on towel-dried hair: before styling, blow-dry or straightening.


Phytokératine Extreme products contain an innovative combination of powerful botanical keratin with two precious active ingredients for double botanical repair action.


100 ml pump bottle

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