PHYTOBRONZ preparer solar batch of 2 x 30 capsules

Offer special Phytobronz: set of 2 boxes of Phytobronz preparer solar new formula at a reduced price! 2-month program. All skin types.
Manufacturer: Arkopharma


SKU 2634016 PHYTOBRONZ Lot 2 x 30 capsules


Offers special Phytobronz: lot of 2 boxes Phytobronz preparer solar new formula 30 capsules for a 2 month discounted program!

Features product (s): Phytobronz preparer solar is indicated to protect, prepare skin before sun exposure, and to enable and protect tanning. Duration of the offer: offer Arkopharma Phytobronz valid within the limit of stocks available. 2-month program to take before, during and after exposure to the Sun for a Tan.

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Product Reviews
Number of reviews : 8
Average rating : 4.6 /5
S. Beverley
  the 02/05/2016
4/ 5
This is a good product to prepare the skin to sun exposure.