Phyto subtle Elixir 75ml

Gloss intense nutrition hair dry and ultra oil dry
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU: 5127774 Phyto subtle Elixir 75ml

Properties: subtle association of four oils casualness, this unique elixir reveals the beauty of the hair and provides shine and flexibility. particularly rich in vitamins (has and E) and minerals, egg yolk ultra-nutritive oil is linked to germ corn and karanja oil to regenerate deep and protect the hair fibre from external aggressions. Camelia oil selected for its lightness and its high content of essential fatty acids hydrate and makes hair silky. Subtle Elixir repairs the hair dry and aultra-dry, the sublime and illuminates them with an incredible lightness. operating tips: apply one to two times per week, on the lengths and the ends. Massage gently in order to penetrate the product. Leave 10 minutes or more depending on the hair. Rinse thoroughly and proceed to shampoo.