Phyto Phytospecific Ultra-smoothing 200ml mask

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This mask nourishes and restructures the hair weakened by frequent relaxers.

Manufacturer: Phyto

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SKU: 5371706 phyto Phytospecific Ultra-smoothing 200 ml mask


this Ultra-smoothing mask integrated Link Saver System, powerful technology of reinforcement on the hair fibles altered by straightening. It combines Methiosil and lavender of the seas, two natural agents of rare richness in sulphur, minerals and Polyphenols, to strengthen the structural links fiber weakened, giving them resistance, integrity and force new.

nourished and hydrated by Narcisse wax, oil of Camellia and winter cherry, the hair found its sweetness. By tightening the scales of the hair, the fruit vinegar keeps ingeniously all these active ingredients reconstitutifs and moisturizers in the heart of the capillary fibre and brings shine. Calm brought by the decocte of Calendula and lime tree offers real comfort to the scalp.

this deep care makes the hair perfectly smooth, sweet, strong and easy to comb.

Tips for using of Phytospecific mask Ultra-smoothing:

apply the conditioner on damp hair. Let set 15 minutes or more depending on the porosity of the hair. Rinse thoroughly before styling.



Number of reviews : 1
Average rating : 4 /5
M. Theodoria
  the 15/07/2017
4/ 5
Nice smell & good concentration so dont need too much per wash