Phyto Phytospecific shampoo Ultra-reparateur 150ml

Shampoo ultra-reparateur based plant keratin and illipe butter

Manufacturer: Phyto

SKU: 5371563 phyto Phytospecific shampoo Ultra-reparateur 150 ml


PhytoSpecific is a range of products specially formulated for curly, frizzy and relaxed hair. These products fully meet their needs. They sublimate your beauty at first use capital.

Ultra-reparateur shampoo strengthens and intensely nourishes damaged and brittle hair. Your hair is repaired and strengthened sustainable.

They can find brightness and flexibility, it is a pleasure both for you and your hair.

Hair strengthened and hydrated for 48 hours.


Use regularly during your shampoo. Apply a light massage to stress your scalp. Rinse.

For best results: do a second application and let rest 2 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

External use.


Is good for 12 months after opening