Phyto Phytospecific Phytotraxil treatment of falls from pull-ups 50ml

anti-hair loss care for curly or straightened hair weakened by weaving or the defrissage.

Manufacturer: Phyto

SKU: 5395948 phyto Phytospecific Phytotraxil treatment of falls of pull-ups 50 ml


with Phytospecific, discover exception of high-tech care, formulated to meet the needs of curly, frizzy hair and relaxed. Based on scientific research and ensuring an exceptional concentration of plants and vegetable protein, Phytospecific care provide the vital elements necessary to the beauty and health of your hair. Phytotraxil is a patented care fall, it is concentrated in Anageline and Darutoside. It is developed to boost the growth of hair in areas of severe alopecia and localized, caused by traction exerted on the particular hair by weaving and defrissage. in addition, to promote the growth of hair, the Darutoside, equipped with a power of skin repair, fight against hardening of the fibers of collagen around the hair follicle, originally of alopecia. powerful actor fall, Anageline acossie to a cocktail of oils, improves trade peri-bulbaires to curb the fall and promote growth.

operating tips

use this treatment 3 times a week on dry scalp. spray using applicator tip, line by line on the areas of alopecia to be. massage to make enter.