Phyto PhytoSpecific moisturizing styling 125ml cream

Moisturizing styling cream Quinoa - Hydrate, protected oil and wake up shine

Manufacturer: Phyto

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SKU: 5372077 Phyto PhytoSpecific moisturizing styling 125ml cream

Overview : wrapping the hair with an invisible veil, this cream with a light texture and delicate fragrance maintains the hairstyle holding flexible and wakes up the shine. subtle Alliance of Marshmallow and Quinoa oil, Hibiscus, it moisturizes and nourishes without weighing down the hair. a photoprotector natural extract of flowers of sunflower, protects from external attacks thanks to its anti-radical action final button your daily beauty , this cream is used on all of the hair, or after styling, to straighten the hair rebels. operating tips : melt a small DAB of cream in the Palm of your hands. Apply on dry hair daily or on damp hair after shampoo. use a comb or a brush for a distribution more harmonious. proceed with styling. Can also be used in finishing touch after styling to smooth out unruly hair.