Phyto Phytospecific hair and body lotion 100ml oil bath

Nourishes and intensely moisturizes hair and skin

Manufacturer: Phyto

SKU: 5395919 phyto Phytospecific hair and body lotion 100 ml oil bath


This bath of oils can be used both for hair but also for the body.


This treatment is specially formulated for curly, frizzy and relaxed hair. It nourishes and intensely moisturizes the scalp. Your hair are strengthened, they find all their beauty. Its formula of baobab oils, Shea butter, Castor, Achiote and karanja helps combat dryness of the scalp and provides them with all the necessary softening properties.

Your hair are reinforced, full of life, they have gained flexibility.


This care of different oils to repair and hydrating virtues brings to your skin all the sweetness she needs. The skin is beautiful, radiant and satin.

The skin is soft and hydrated.


External use.

For a complete hair care, apply on the scalp and dry hair care, leave 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Then proceed to shampoo.

You can also use it as a classical treatment, apply a DAB of oil in your hand then proceed to the styling or directly on the body.


Is good for 12 months after opening