Phyto PhytoSpecific Cure Ultra restorative night 75ml

SKU: 5371971 Phyto PhytoSpecific Cure Ultra restorative night 75ml

Overview : consistently manipulated, attacked by the environment, curly hair, curly, relaxed and naturally fragile, become damaged and brittle. Night is an ideal time to replenish their defenses. equipped with a dual repair technology, this chrono care releases continuous protein intakes of Hairspheres of amino acids, held simultaneously in the hair shaft by the NetStructurer. upon awakening, the hair is strengthened, perfectly moisturised, flexible. Clinical tests under dermatological control operating tips : restorative technology ensures an intensive action for 48 hours. Used 3 times per week, it allows a continuous repair. On dry hair. Spread a little nutty in the Palm of your hands and then apply throughout hair.