Phyto PhytoSpecific cream Ultra-reparateur 200ml bath

Bath cream vegetable oils and Shea - care conditioner damaged and brittle hair butter

Manufacturer: Phyto

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SKU: 5371669 Phyto PhytoSpecific Ultra cream bath repair 200ml

Overview : PhytoSpecific is a line of hair care for the plants, specifically formulated for curly, frizzy hair and relaxed. outcome of scientific research, PhytoSpecific offers of high-tech emergency care, which guarantee a high concentration of plants. subjected to objectification, clinical efficacy and safety tests, they sublimate your capital beauty from the first use in any security. Association of vegetable oils and shea butter , this conditioner cream bath with rich texture and delicate fragrance meets with hair weakened, rendered porous by chemical treatments or damaged by rough handling abusive. full of substances active surgraissantes and moisturizing, it penetrates into the heart of the hair to rebuild the defences, consolidate the brittle fibers and regenerate the scalp. amino acids from Keratin, Panthenol and Tocopherol, protect hair from external aggressions and prevent the formation of forks. Its antiseptic properties offer a detangling without equal, smoother, stronger and shinier, hair found all their brilliance and their force. operating tips: after shampoo, on damp hair, apply liberally throughout the hair. Spread using a comb with teeth wide. leave 15 minutes or more depending on the porosity of the hair. rinse and proceed with styling.