Phyto Phytopanama sweet 200ml balancing shampoo

Intelligent self-protection and lightness shampoo

Manufacturer: Phyto

SKU: 5916339 phyto Phytopanama sweet 200 ml balancing shampoo


Precursors, the Phytosolba laboratories have created a new intelligent assets, Progenium. This unreported assets acts selectively on the ecosystem of the scalp: it preserves its beneficial Flora (natural shield) while reducing the presence of germs harmful. Hyperdou thanks its Progenium content, PHYTOPANAMA + strengthens the scalp shampoo after shampoo self-defense. more it is used more scalp is protected, more hair is healthy and beautiful. 65% panama wood extract give PHYTOPANAMA + a 'blotting effect' which allows him to absorb excess sebum without causing an hyper-seborrhee reaction. known historically for its foaming properties, wood of panama (SOAP tree), rich in saponins, is one of the rare cleansing agents totally natural. especially recommended to wash the hair with fat trend smoothly as often as necessary , PHYTOPANAMA + gives them lightness and flexibility.

Mode of application

-Apply the shampoo to wet hair -gently Massage -Allow a few minutes -Rinse -Renew if necessary enforcement.