Phyto Phytoneutre shampoo detoxifying 125ml

Neutral shampoo detoxifying treatment for all hair types

Manufacturer: Phyto

SKU: 5910334 phyto Phytoneutre shampoo detoxifying 125 ml

Properties Phytoneutre:

Neutral shampoo detoxifying which is suitable for all hair types.

With its plant assets and its action detoxifying, it purifies and gently cleanses your hair. It removes impurities such as tobacco, pollution and other.

Your hair are both washed but also protected from the outside. Eucalyptus essential oil acts directly on the hair shaft and strengthens your scalp.

Your hair found all their brilliance and their softness.

Phytoneutre operating tips:

Is used as a normal shampoo, one to two times per week on hair wet during the shower.


conservation Phytoneutre:

Is good for 12 months after opening.