Phyto Phytonectar shampoo Nutrition gloss 200ml

Shampoo nutrition extreme softness and flexibility
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 5916328 phyto Phytonectar shampoo Nutrition gloss 200 ml

Overview :
very concentrated active plant, PHYTONECTAR shampoo restores the balance in water and lipids of hair Ultra and porous.
its creamy formula gulp amino acid soybean, moisturizers and conditioners, and extract wax flower Orange Blossom is at the heart of the capillary fibre feed intensively.
the extract of St. John's wort, real natural shield, protects the hair from external attacks
an extract of witch hazel to the invigorating virtues and a derivative of wood cellulose smooth and facilitate Untangling.
Finally, a vegetable cleansing base derived from coconut oil gives PHYTONECTAR one extreme softness.
Quickly the most dehydrated hair found strength, softness and shine.

application Mode :
-Apply shampoo to wet hair
-Massage delicatment
-Allow a few minutes
-Renew if necessary application.

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