Phyto Phytolium 4 Growth-Stimulating Anti Hair-Loss Treatment 12 x 3.5ml

Prolongs hair life, slows down hair loss, accelerates growth.
Manufacturer: Phyto
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Supported by four patents, Phylotium 4 combines four actions to combat hair-loss:

Extends hair life:
The biotechnological innovation, capicellpro, involves 2 active ingredients:

  • Shiitake: stimulates the production of sirtuins and protein longevity promoting cell survival.
  • Biocompatible extracts of crab apple extract: preserves follicular stem cells to delay hair aging.

Slows down the rate of loss:
Extract of serenoa inhibits 5-reductase of hair. Essential oils purify and stimulate the regeneration of the hair bulb area.

Accelerates growth:
Glycoproteins of solanum stimulate keratinocytes to promote growth and energise hair.

Redensifies the hair:
Grape procyanidols and cananga essential oil improve intercellular exchanges to restore hair density and strength.

Usage Tips:

After washing with shampoo, apply to the damp hair. Using the applicator tip, apply to the scalp, line by line. Distribute evenly massaging with your fingertips. Style your hair as usual.

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