Phyto Phytokratine serum 30ml

SKU: 5910540 Phyto Phytokratine serum 30 ml

Overview : specifically formulated to repair the damaged tips, restorative serum PHYTOKRATINE, real hair dressing, contains peptides from silk and a complex of oils of Palm trees of Brazil to restore shine and silky. the KERATO - FILLER, filler intra-keratin fiber, repairs the internal matter of damaged hair, brittle. the plant keratin and hyaluronic acid injected in the heart of fiber provide the reconstitution of the architecture of the hair and moisturising optimal. surface the capillary fiber, ceramides smooth scales, and fill the gaps. Protected from external aggressions through pomegranate extract, scavenging and anti-UV, the tips are repaired as soft as silk. application tips :-time styling on dry or wet hair, Apply a bead of serum on the tips. -Smooth forks -Rinse