Phyto Phytocedrat Sebo regulator 200ml shampoo

SKU: 4410775 Phyto shampoo Phytocedrat Sebo controller 200 ml


A bold scalp is very responsive and the shampoo step is crucial for a return to the normal. to not "excite" the sebaceous glands, PHYTOCEDRAT made from a soft cleansing base of vegetable origin which avoids the effect rebound (Seborrheic reaction a few hours after shampooing).

a synergy of 9 active plant with astringent properties including Rosemary, nettle, Sage and burdock associated with the essential oil of Cedar is on the expansion of the pilosebaceous orifices and reduces sebum secretion.

derived from abietic acid, derived from an extract of pine and soybean protein hydrolysate, sheath hair shaft, avoiding migration of oils on the hair. first applications, the hair regains volume and lightness, the lengths are crisp, healthy scalp and the shampoo less frequent.

application mode:

  • apply the shampoo to wet hair
  • massage gently
  • Let stand a few minutes
  • rinse
  • renew if necessary enforcement.