Phyto oil silky Milky fluid Moisturiser 30ml

Revitalizes dry & fine, difficult to detangle and comb hair.
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 2110204 Phyto Huile Soyeuse Fluide Lact Hydratant 30Ml


Really oil, or quite. milk it provides a light texture and can be used daily to moisturize, condition and revitalize fine, difficult to detangle and comb hair. This express care to power Detangling exceptional, easy styling and preparing to blow-drying. Hair instantly found brightness, softness and vitality.

directions for use:

On hair washed and towel-dried, spray on the lengths and the ends. Comb and then proceed with styling. Without rinsing. Indication: Moisturize dry hair and fine.


Osmosis perfect between oils and extracts of plants. 98% of ingredients of plant and natural origin make up its unique formula. The fluid and mild osmosis between oleo-extracts of calendula, Rosemary and extraction of Marshmallow gives this exceptional oil its benefits and its remarkable affinity with the hair. Silicone-free. 100% natural perfume.


Spray 30ml.

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