Phyto oil d Ales 5 ampoules of 10ml


SKU: 5915202 Phyto oil d Ales 5 ampoules of 10 ml


Of novel design, the oil of Als is an original compound of castor oil and of (Sage, Rosemary, genivre berries and lemon) essential oils specially formulated to hydrate, smooth and give shine to dry hair. Thanks to its unique formula, hydrodispersible, the oil of Als is easily removed in contact with water and gives an immediate shiny hair dulled by atmospheric elements or the bad treatments. recommended before staining, discoloration or permanent, Ales oil effectively ensures the protection of the capillary fiber and scalp.

application mode:

  • break the bulb with the light breeze and pour the contents into the diffuser bottle.
  • spray bit by bit from the ends to the roots.
  • allow 15 to 30 mimutes.
  • rinse abondammenet before shampooing PHYTOJOBA, specially designed for dry hair.

application prior to staining mode:

  • brush your hair
  • spray bit by bit from the ends to the roots
  • to optimize efficiency, leave 20 minutes under plastic film or shower Cap
  • apply your stain
  • rinse and perform your shampoo
  • to maintain your color, use the PHYTOCITRUS shampoo, specially designed for colored hair.