Phyto 9 day cream 50ml

This plant day cream provides a nutrition extreme to your hair.
Manufacturer: Phyto


SKU 7038750 Phyto 9 day cream 50ml


The day cream Phyto 9 is ultra-nourrissante to dry, thirsty hair. Phyto 9 contains an association of oil macadamia and vegetable extracts carefully selected for their properties moisturizing and nutritious such as St. John's wort, calendula, Sage, burdock, willow, soy, Rosemary, and marshmallow. It can be used after your daily shampoo for optimum performance.

composition of Phyto 9 day cream:

Originally from Hawaii, macadamia oil, rich in essential fatty acids, has the distinction of being close to the sebum and so to extreme nutrition to hair without the grease.
soybeans, calendula and burdock plant mucilage Act at the heart of the hair fiber by restoring the moisture content of keratin, main constituent of hair.
treated indoors and protected from the outside , hair found quickly gloss, flexibility and softness.

operating tips:

After shampoo, on very damp hair or dry hair, spread a bead of cream between your hands.
then apply throughout hair focusing tips.
getting it penetrate the product and proceed to the styling.

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