Physiomer spray Dynamics bottle Lot of 2 x 135ml

SKU: 7608064 Physiomer spray Dynamics Lot 2 x 135ml


Physiomer sea water is treated by electrodialysis in order to preserve its natural wealth in minerals and and trace elements: calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium... beneficial in case of infection, they help to protect the nasal mucosa. without propellant, Physiomer can be used safely and in all positions, even by children from 6 years old. This dynamic Jet washes and releases the nose cluttered, in case of cold or rhinitis.

Physiomer spray dynamics operating tips:

is used as often as necessary to eliminate mucus.

  • tilt the head to the side and insert the tip into the nostril
  • pressure
  • leave a few seconds
  • wash mouthpiece under warm water after each use