Physiomer misting bottle Lot of 2 x 135ml

SKU: 2553157 Physiomer Spray Hygiene of nose Lot 2 x 135 ml


laboratories Physiomer sea water is treated by electrodialysis in order to preserve its natural wealth in minerals and trace elements: calcium, magneisum, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, selenium..., beneficial in case of infections and help to protect the nasal mucosa. This spray relieve nasal pits colds or rhinitis. the sterility of Physiomer solution is obtained by ultrafiltration. Sterility is preserved after each use with a patented one-way valve. Physiomer can be used in all positions, even in children from 2 years and Thang security.

Physiomer Spray nasal Hygiene tips:

  • for everyday use: 2 sprays into each nostril in the morning and evening.
  • in case of colds and rhinitis: renew spraying as often as necessary to properly clear the nose and eliminate mucus.