Physiomer infants Microdiffusion Lot of 2 x 115ml


SKU: 7608070 Physiomer infants Microdiffusion Lot of 2 x 115 ml


100% seawater isotonic, sterile and without preservatives, naturally rich in minerals and trace elements. the tip of the spray for infants respects the shape of the nasal and ensures a jet all smooth for everyday use. It emits gentle nasal children colds or rhinitis.

Physiomer infants Microdiffusion operating tips:

do 2 sprays morning and evening in each nostril. colds or rhinitis, renew spraying as often as necessary to properly clear the nose and eliminate mucus. Read the instructions carefully before use.


100% seawater isotonic, sterile, preservative-free. without perfume, preservative. sea water natural, composed and not diluted, isotonic (concentration in physiological salt corresponding to that of our bodies).