Physiomer fly baby + 5 filters protectors

SKU: 9781341 Physiomer fly baby + 5 filters protectors


Fly baby Physiomer relieves the nose congested baby's gentle, effective and timely manner, eliminates excess mucus and allows your child to breathe more freely and thus facilitates its power.


  • rinse the fly baby with hot water before its first use.
  • lie the baby on your back in a comfortable position.
  • place the tip right at the entrance of the nostril and aspirate by mouthpiece.
  • mucus is recovered in the fly baby and the hygienic protective filter prevents it from entering the suction.
  • renew in the other nostril.
  • gently raise the baby and wipe the nose.
  • discard filter soiled after use.
  • wash and dry the fly baby
  • do not Sterilise or boil.