Physiologica pods 5ml 40 single dose

Recommended for washing of the nasal and ocular washing infants, children and adults.
Manufacturer: Gifrer


SKU 4293364 Physiologica pods 5 ml 40 single dose


nasal solution and ophthalmic.
Serum physiological
40 single doses of 5mL

Physiologica is recommended for washing of the nasal and eye washing daily infants, children and adults.

nasal wash:

Physiologica easy cleaning of the nose of the toddlers often clogged by mucus. It promotes the elimination of excessive secretions. Thanks to its wetting action, it quickly relieves nasal dryness in adults.

eye hygiene:

Physiologica can be used for the hygiene of the outside of the eyes (eyelids) in infants, as in children and adults.

operating tips:

place the infant in a recumbent position, head tilted to the side. Gently insert the tip of the dose in the nostril. Gently press the dose to get the dose required. Repeat the other side.

Raise the child's head and gently wipe excess liquid, while waiting for a few moments to leave solution.

1 wash in each nostril, 1 to 6 times per day, depending on the needs for nasal hygiene.


sodium chloride, purified water.

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