Physiolac small drink sweet fennel & Melissa 15 pods x 5ml

Small drink to Melissa and fennel for after-dinner babies from 4 months.

Manufacturer: Physiolac

SKU: 5437724


Laboratory Physiolac offers small drink softness to plant extracts. Indeed, it contains:



It thus facilitates the digestion of your baby from 4 months, after his meal.

Its ready for use dose allows quick and easy to use. Thus, this drink can be taken pure or diluted in water. Without dye and preservative-free.


For babies from 4 months.

Operating tips:

After the meal or feeding, dilute 1-2 pods in water or directly in the mouth.


Aqueous extracts of seeds of fennel [Foeniculum vulgare Mill.] and lemon balm leaves [Melissa officinalis L.] (93%), agave syrup, orange blossom hydrolat. Gluten-free.


Box of 15 pods of 5 ml.