Physiolac relay milk 1 ages 900g

milk relay for infants 0-6 months. Ideal for baby weaning.
Manufacturer: Physiolac


SKU 5113111 Physiolac relay milk 1 ages 900g

Physiolac offers infant milks meets the nutritional needs of your child depending on his age. He accopmpagne from birth to its three years.


to accompany mothers in this crucial phase of the baby's life, Gilbert laboratories have developed Physiolac relay 1 age. Skim milk and therefore more digestible, this product contains a good dose of whey demineralised promoting the immune capacity of the baby. Added to this is the ideal amount of vitamins, in addition to the very nutritious vegetable fats. Other assets such as L-Tyrosine and L-tryptophan helps the development of the nervous system.

Breast milk is the natural food perfectly suited to an infant. If intolerance, consult a physician.

Indications Physiolac relay 1 age:

before preparing a bottle, well make sure that hands are clean. With the measuring scoop contained in the box, pour the quantity of powder required ideally in mineral water. Do drink at the baby in the 30 minutes following the preparation. Throw remains unfinished it. Well to store the box in a cool and dry.


Contains lactose and milk proteins. Formulated without peanut and egg.

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