Physiolac Bio milk 2nd age 900g

Physiolac 2nd age is an organic infant milk, without palm oil.
Manufacturer: Physiolac


SKU 9818162 Physiolac Bio milk 2nd age 900g

Physiolac is the french specialist of infant milk.


Physiolac Bio is an infant milk without palm oil, it is suitable for babies from 6 to 2 months. Ideal in the relay of breastfeeding.

Vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates and minerals that compose ensure the healthy development of the baby from 6 months. Milk Physiolac Bio 2 contains more than 13 different vitamins to ensure the growth of the infant. Formulated without peanut and egg, it limits the risk of indigestion. This substitute of breast milk 900G is indispensable for the relay of breastfeeding and its sweetness is that of breast milk, giving the baby appetite.

operating Physiolac Bio tips 2nd age:

Use mineral water to dilute the milk. It can be giving cold or hot. Store in a dry and fresh 4 weeks.

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