Physiolac Bio milk 1 ages 900g

milk bio Physiolac 1 age, without palm oil.
Manufacturer: Physiolac
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SKU 9818156 Physiolac Bio milk 1 ages 900g

Physiolac is the French specialist in the field of nutrition of babies has created a special formula for her infant milk 1 age.


Milk Physiolac Bio 1 is close to breast milk due to its composition, which allows to use it as a relay for breastfeeding.

Enriched in vitamins and protein, it contains all the components necessary to meet the specific nutritional needs of babies 0-6 months. Packaged in a 900 g, this 100% organic milk is without peanut and egg, minimizing the risk of indigestion. Its sweetness is close to that of breast milk and thereby gives the baby appetite.

Physiolac Bio milk operating tips 1 age:

This product is recommended for infants as a relay to breastfeeding. Follow the dosage on the box and use only the provided pad. This milk keeps within 4 weeks after opening in a place dry and fresh


If you can not or do not want to breastfeed, your doctor, will advise an infant milk for your child. Do not change without the advice of your doctor.

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